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Who are we?

Taylor Whalley Spyra is a privately owned Civil and Structural Engineering Consultancy with significant expertise across all building types, methods and materials.

Consistent with emerging and diverse challenges presented by the 21st century comes the need for a constant stream of innovative and creative ideas and solutions. We work with our Clients to offer a competitive edge yet are still able to demonstrate a consistent and commercial approach to exacting standards and delivery programmes.

Let us demonstrate how we can work with you to achieve technical and aesthetic excellence, with a sound commercial approach, whatever your project.


How we do it

Directors from differing backgrounds inject a practical approach, managing each project from conception to completion with the support of a team of highly trained, technical staff. Consideration is always given to the individual nature of each project and the teams are assembled in order to achieve the “best possible fit” between Client, In-house expertise and all other parties involved in any given project to ensure the best possible results.

Constant cross fertilisation of ideas between directors, engineers and other technical staff provides a melting pot of ideas on which to draw.

Who we work with

Clients include commercial developers, institutional funds, end users, local authorities, and government departments. We are regularly involved in complex, and diverse projects and each new job brings different creative, technical and management requirements whether it is low or high rise, new or existing and regardless of end use. No two projects are ever the same.

We pride ourselves on the successful development of long term relationships with our clients, fellow design team members and contractors.

Please take a look around our website for details of recent and current projects, and do not hesitate to contact us for any further information, and/or to arrange an informal chat as to how we can work with you to fulfill your aspirations in the achievement of technical and aesthetic excellence.


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